About Us


At HYPECHECK, our core philosophy is this: live life from the inside out.
Deep down, we are all colorful, and we are all beautiful. It is our spiritual duty to project that beauty onto the oftentimes dark, gloomy world we share.

No matter your size, your shape, your shade - you are beautiful. Your life is a miracle. Celebrate it. Be bold, stand out, and bring color into the lives of those around you. 

At HYPECHECK, we project our beauty with leggings. Leggings we source from the world's best and most prolific designers and manufacturers. 

We were founded back in 2015 with a simple mission - bring color (and beauty) into the world. Each and every time we ship a pair of beautiful, soft printed leggings across the planet, we get that much closer to realizing that ambition. We take great pride in the designs we curate, and hope you find them as awesome as we do.

Have questions about our products? Wanna tell us a joke? Need to vent? Reach out! Hit us up at support@hypecheck.me, or shoot us a message on Facebook. We'll get right back to you. 

Our corporate offices are located at the epicenter of cool - New York. We're right by Union Square off of 5th Avenue. If you're ever in the area, drop by and say hello :).